Our multi-purpose storage bin offers a perfect blend of style and function. The Berkshire is ideal for a backyard waste bin and includes a set of hooks to hang your waste bag. This storage bin is a great way to hide children's toys, gardening tools, bird seed, or bags fo salt for the winter months.
Multi-purpose storage bin
Molded from high-grade polyethylene
Removable lid with snap fit design
Includes 2 waste bag hooks
Storage capacity is approximately 45 gallons
15 year warranty on the bin, 1 year limited warranty on the waste bag hooks

Part No.PriceSizeWeightColorTTS-Code
4835B - 20" L x 20"W x 38.75"H 17 lbs Black 0000-00
4835W - 20" L x 20"W x 38.75"H 17 lbs White 0000-00